Ashtanga vs vinyasa yoga

Ashtanga vs Vinyasa Yoga: Key Differences

Ready for the transformation? Confused about the Ashtanga vs Vinyasa yoga debate? Well, you are not alone. These two yoga styles surely resemble each other a lot. Hence, it would be a wise decision to first know about each yoga style and then choose the right one. Furthermore, exploring these two yoga styles helps you get over the Ashtanga vs Vinyasa yoga debate.

Let’s first learn a bit about each yoga style. Then, you can check out the key differences in Ashtanga vs Vinyasa yoga. Read on.

Ashtanga Yoga: Introduction

Ashtanga yoga, also known as Eight Limbs of Yoga, focuses on your entire life. Ancient Sage Patanjali authored Yoga Sutras in which he first mentioned these Eight Limbs. So, this yoga style is derived from an ancient philosophy of life which helps you align with your spiritual being.

The modern art of Ashtanga yoga was introduced by K. Pattabhi Jois in1948 and gave it a formal name of Ashtanga yoga. As far as the core practice is concerned, it has a strict routine. Furthermore, Ashtanga yoga practitioners need the active participation of a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher.

In short, Ashtanga yoga has a fixed routine that depends on the level of yoga practice of a practitioner. Moreover, practicing this yoga demands 6 days a   week practice to ensure you are at your best.

Vinyasa Yoga: Introduction

The art of Vinyasa yoga is believed to come out from one of the branches of Ashtanga yoga. However, over time, it evolved into various Vinyasa yoga forms ranging from slow to fast-paced. Even though most Vinyasa yoga routines imitate Ashtanga yoga, however, every class is different.

Another crucial element of Vinyasa yoga is Ujjayi breathing. This deep breathing technique is one of the key differences in the Ashtanga vs Vinyasa yoga debate. The sole purpose is to align your body movement with breath. Hence, it creates a flow of movement when you practice Vinyasa yoga.

Now the question arises which yoga form is for you. For that, you should check out the following Ashtanga vs Vinyasa yoga debate. Read on.

Key Differences of Ashtanga vs Vinyasa Yoga

ashtanga vs vinyasa yoga

Fixed Routine

The very first key difference in Ashtanga vs Vinyasa yoga debate is the routine of yoga practice. As mentioned above, Ashtanga yoga has a fixed routine. It does not change under any circumstances. As a beginner, you can expect a single yoga session to have 26 yoga postures that you practice in a flow.

However, in Vinyasa yoga, there is no fixed routine. Every class has something new to offer. So, you can expect a new routine even if you are practicing under the same yoga teacher.

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Vinyasa yoga is much more intense than Ashtanga yoga on the physical level. You have to maintain a steady flow while practicing different Vinyasa yoga poses. Moreover, the art of mixing breathing with yoga poses makes it harder to concentrate.

However, the Eight limbs of yoga focus on your life as a whole. Many of its practices include intense meditation techniques or mantra chanting. Therefore, in those cases, the physical intensity decreases. Hence, it is one of the biggest points of difference in Ashtanga vs Vinyasa yoga.

Role of Yoga Teacher

In each yoga style, the yoga teacher has a specific role. Ashtanga yoga teachers do not have a say when it comes to a yoga routine. However, in Vinyasa yoga, a yoga teacher decides which yoga poses to practice. So, every yoga class adopts some new yoga asanas.

However, in Ashtanga yoga, the guidance of a yoga teacher plays a significant role. From deciding whether you are ready to level up your practice to help you with body alignment, a teacher does a lot.

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Goal of Yoga Practice

The choice of Ashtanga vs Vinyasa yoga debate further depends on the goal you have in your mind. Ashtanga yoga is perfect for those who want to attain spiritual enlightenment. However, it might take years. Therefore, it demands determination and hard work.

On the other hand, Vinyasa yoga is perfect for people seeking physical transformation. Thus, it would be the best approach to lose a few extra pounds. Hence, out of the Ashtanga vs Vinyasa yoga debate, your goals decide with which yoga style you should move ahead.

Wrap Up

Ashtanga vs Vinyasa yoga debate might hamper your growth if you get too much confused. So, make up your mind as soon as possible and start your journey with the right yoga form.

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