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Beginner’s Guide to Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Want to become a certified yoga instructor? There is a high chance that you possess in-depth knowledge of this ancient art beforehand. However, the important question here is –

Which Style of Yoga Do You Want to Learn? Is It Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, or Yin yoga?

Interested in learning Yin yoga? Enroll in a certified Yin Yoga teacher training program.

Let us first get clear with the basics of Yin yoga.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training– A Brief Introduction

Before we proceed, you should know, the majority of yoga styles practiced in the West fall under the category of what is known as Yang yoga. Yang yoga is fast-paced and vigorous in comparison to other yoga styles.

With that out of the way, let us now focus on what is Yin yoga.

Yin Yoga

While Yang yoga focuses on your muscles, it is yin yoga that targets the deeper connective tissues including ligaments, fascia, joints, and bones. This style of yoga is a bit meditative which gives you the chance to focus on the internal world. Daily practice of yin yoga helps you maintain an equal balance between the mind and body.

An important aspect of yin yoga is that you hold every pose for a little longer which strengthens and lengthens the rarely-used tissues and helps you breathe.

Do you know that Yin yoga is based on ancient Chinese philosophies and Taoist principles? Yes! The philosophy of Yin yoga originates from the Taoist ideology of Yin & Yang.

On one hand, Yin is the cooling, dark, mysterious, and feminine aspect of your being. On the other hand, Yang represents the heating, light, and masculine principles of your being.

Enroll in a certified Yin Yoga teacher training in India to know more about its history and origins.

Want to know how yin yoga works its magic? Read further to know the answer.

How Yin Yoga Works?

As said above, Yin yoga depends heavily on the connective tissues in your body. It makes the practice a bit slow which helps you focus on deeper aspects of your physical being.

Moreover, learning Yin Yoga under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher creates compression in different parts of your body. This yoga style also stimulates bone density growth and makes the fascia stronger.

That is not all! When you enroll in a certified Yin Yoga teacher training, you have a chance to use this yoga style to work on the subtle body. It promotes the free flow of the Qi which is the life-force energy present in every living being.

Since it is a deeper yoga style, Yin yoga works deeply on the mind. It is a form of introspective meditation which helps you connect with the deeper parts of your being.

That is not all! There are some major benefits to making yin yoga a part of your daily routine.

Benefits of Yin Yoga Practice

There are some major health benefits to including Yin yoga in life.

1. Improves Flexibility

Do you know the daily practice of Yin yoga offers you an elastic fascia and mobile joints? Yes! That is one of the major benefits of this yoga style. The fascia requires at least 2 minutes of proper stretching to impact its elasticity. In the long run, the more elastic your fascia, the better the flexibility.

2. Improves Circulation

With proper breathing and focus on deeper tissues in your body, you allow more oxygen into the body and muscles. Moreover, practicing Yin yoga at a certified Yin Yoga teacher training improves blood flow and circulation.

3. Minimizes Stress

The calm you feel right after coming out from a Yin yoga session shows its impact on your mental health. Daily practice of this yoga style minimizes anxiety as well as stress. At the same time, it activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System which keeps your heart rate steady and calms down the body.

Thus, this is how yin yoga works its magic on your mental and physical health.

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How Would Yin Yoga Teacher Training Help Me?

There are a few things that are an exclusive part of the Yin yoga teacher training program. These include:

1. Deep Stretches

One session of Yin yoga includes a lot of deep hip opening exercises. The majority of poses in this yoga style are practiced seated or by staying low to the ground. These practices offer your body a deep stretch that works on the connective tissues.

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2. Special Language

To become part of a certified yin yoga teacher training program means to gain awareness of the human body, especially the bone structure. Moreover, the teachers use a language that helps you work on the structure of the body during the class.

The Yin yoga classes are much focused on finding variations in asanas that are good for your body type.

3. Lots of Yoga Props

According to yin yoga ideology, the duration of a yoga session is more important than intensity. It is why a yin yoga teacher would encourage you to never practice a deeper range of motion. Now, when yoga props come into the picture and support your body for holding asanas for longer periods.


Do you want to experience all these health benefits of the Yin yoga style? Search for a certified yoga school and enroll in the Yin yoga teacher training program to know everything.

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