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Best Poses of Yoga For Better Sex Life

Do you want to last longer in bed? It is not just for men but also women. If yes, you must inculcate yoga practice into your life. Yoga has more to it rather than just losing weight or relieving stress. You can practice yoga for better sex life if you are struggling to give pleasure to your partner.

Moreover, sex is one of the basic needs of human nature. Hence, it is nothing new that you need pleasure that releases dopamine and motivation-inducing hormones. Thus, if you want to have a happy married life, check out the following poses of yoga for better sex life.

Top Poses of Yoga For Better Sex Life

Cat-Cow Stretch

Cat cow pose

To practice this pose, you need to get on your all-fours. From there, you are going to do two movements without moving your whole body. First, push your shoulders such that your upper back rounds off. From there, let your lower back sink to stretch your hips and lower back.

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Bridge Pose

Bridge pose

Lie on your back to practice the bridge pose. From there, fold your legs to place your feet flat on the ground. Push your feet into the ground to raise your lower back. However, make sure, you squeeze your glutes and core muscles. It works on your lower back that improves your sex life. Hence, it is one of the best and easy to do poses of yoga for better sex,

Happy Baby

happy baby pose

Flexibility and lower back strength are very crucial while having sex. So, to improve that, you need to practice the happy baby pose. Simply, lie on your back and raise your legs. Make sure your knees touch your stomach while your groin area is fully exposed. Hence, it is one of the best poses of yoga for better sex that stretches your sex muscles.

Child’s Pose

child pose

Having a flexible body is very important to have better and longer sex. Hence, you must be practicing one of the easiest poses of yoga for better sex, that is, the child’s pose. It works on your lower and upper back, legs’ endurance, and core stability.

To do this pose, sit on your shin bones and bend forward to let your head touch the ground. Further, make sure you are breathing easily so that your muscles are getting enough oxygen.

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Straddle Pose

straddle pose

Straddle or split improves the flexibility in your legs, especially, hamstrings and hips. Thus, it is one of the best poses for better sex. Hence, you must practice this yoga pose if you feel tight in your hamstrings or hips.

To practice this pose, open your legs as wide as you can while keeping your back straight. Slowly move your feet further apart so that you can feel more stretch in your inner thighs. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground, do not go past where you feel comfortable or in pain.

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Plow Pose

plow pose

A great way to increase your flexibility and core balance. The plow pose is one of the best poses of yoga for better sex that enhance your ability to last longer in bed. To practice this pose, lie on your back, and with a gentle push, raise your legs in the air.

From there, take your legs beyond your head and touch them on the ground. Keep your legs straight if possible while touching them on the ground. This way, you become stronger and flexible.

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned are some of the best and easy to do poses of yoga for better sex life. Hence, make sure you practice them every day to see results faster. You can also practice Kegel exercises along with yoga to further improve your sex life.

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