Yoga for depression

Depression: Causes, Symptoms. How Yoga for Depression Can Help You

Yoga for Depression – There is an estimated 8.1 percent of adults over the age of 20 in the US suffering from depression. The forms of expressing depression could vary from person to person. However, there is one common remedy that anyone can practice to heal depression. That is practicing yoga for depression.

What is Depression?

Depression is a serious mental disorder that can negatively affect your life. A person suffering from depression experiences sudden bouts of sadness, grief, and very quickly lose interest in the everyday events of life.

A person also goes through very unstable phases of emotional turmoil, making the person happy in the moment and sad in the very next one.

Symptoms of Depression

  1. Mood Swings
  2. Emotionally Empty, Hopeless
  3. Reduced Sexual Drive
  4. Level-Down in Cognitive abilities
  5. Irregular Sleeping Patterns
  6. Physical Fatigue, Pain, Headache.


  1. Having a family history
  2. Childhood Traumas
  3. Mental Structure
  4. Medical Conditions
  5. Drug Abuse

Healing Depression With Yoga for Depression

Ever tried yoga for depression? There are many ways in which practicing yoga for depression can help you to fight depression. Keep reading to know more.

Releasing Anxiety

When you practice yoga for stress relief, you work on your current level of handling stress. It provides you a better grip on yourself when you are confronted with anxious situations.

Feeling anxious means that you feel helpless when are face to face with some unwanted or sudden turmoil in life. Practicing yoga for depression teaches you to handle stress, anxiety, overthinking, and much more, so that, you can live a happening life.

Deep breathing exercises and meditation techniques help you to have a deep connection with your physical and mental self. Breath, also called ‘prana’ is responsible to sustain your life.

Moreover, breathing helps your internal systems to cool down, therefore, you can control moments of rage, anger, or aggression. Thus, you become mindful of your present moment and get a moment of relief from your mental chatter.

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Physically Developing

Studies have confirmed that when something hits you low in your life, initiating physical movement can help you lessen the effect of that negative emotion up to fifty percent. Therefore, performing various physical exercises help you lighten up your mood.

When you practice yoga asanas, you learn to form a flow between your physical movements, breathing, and mental dimension. Thus, your body works in unison with every single cell of your body and provides you with mastery over your body.


Even wondered when you try to control everything around you, you suffer the most? Whether suffering physically, mentally, or emotionally, when you accept your present condition, you move a step forward towards growth.

Practicing yoga teaches you to confront your inner demons rather than fleeing from them. Accepting makes a shift in your being by placing you in a flow rather than going against a flow.

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Moving On

When you want to hold on to your past traumas and don’t want to let go, you create a barrier in your progress. However, practicing yoga for depression moves you in a plain where you accept and move on. It’s not like forgetting everything at hand but reconciling with your past experiences.

Just like you flow from one yoga pose to the other, you learn to observe things from a distance and move ceaselessly. It’s natural to get affected when you get through some harsh experiences in life but not hooking onto them is the key to a happy life.

Looking within yourself while meditating heals your bouts of depression, and makes you a wonderful being. You become cheerful when your internal mechanisms work efficiently, and you get in perfect sync with your higher self.

Depression is a serious illness that you need to take care of. And, practicing yoga for depression is a perfect way you can heal it and can keep it at bay forever.

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Ques 1) Can pranayam cure depression?

Ans) Yes! Practicing different pranayama techniques helps in alleviating your mood. Further, it fills your body with fresh oxygen that is going to cure your depression and other mental ailments. 

Ques 2) Does yoga really help with anxiety?

Ans) A person feels anxious when he or she feels helpless. Therefore, when you practice yoga for depression, you are going to practice different yoga poses. These poses are going to help you master your body. Thus, you feel at ease, and in turn, you get rid of anxiety. 

Ques 3) Which exercise is best for mental health?

Ans) Any type of physical exercise help in improving mental health. However, yoga comprises agility and strength that combines different elements into a single yoga session. Therefore, yoga practice is going to provide an overall package to work on your mind, body, and soul.

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