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Difference Between Clinical Depression And Normal Depression

With over 246 million people getting affected with depression, it is one of the most common mental illness creeping in the world. Many symptoms signify if a person is depressed or not.

From usual mood fluctuations to short-temper, depression can have multiple faces. Moreover, there could be a difference in the level of intensity of feeling depressed. It could become a serious health issue when it leads to the birth of other serious and chronic mental issues.

clinical depression vs normaldepression

What Is Normal Depression?

Life is very uncertain, each moment full of surprises and shocks. Therefore, you go through various circumstances in your life that put you in a rabbit hole of negative or adverse emotions and feelings. Witnessing the death of a loved one, heartbreak, betrayal, and much more can push you towards depression.

The key point is that people tend to ‘get over it’. That being said, normal depression could be due to changing situations in life that put a sudden and visible change to your life, routine, and habits. Thus, you feel anxious, helpless, and unable to cope up with the changing events.

What Is Clinical Depression?

Have you ever witnessed people who are always depressed, no matter how positive the circumstances are? Even if they are happy or have a cheerful mood, that is just for a very short amount of period. In such a scenario, life shifts into a negative sphere in an instant.

Various traumatic events in life can push people into a deep hole where death is preferred more over living life. People with normal biochemistry are not able to comprehend the situation through which people with clinical depression are going through. Thus, it leads to continual neglect of the patients, making them more depressed.

How Clinical Depression Differs From Normal Depression


When it comes to the intensity of normal depression, people tend to eventually get over it. Even though the events from the past might take them back to what they might have experienced once in their life, but that does not affect other spheres of their life.

However, when it comes to clinical depression, people are always depressed, low, and on the verge of emotional breakdown, no matter what the consequences are. The way their mental connections work is different, slow, imbalanced, and not at all working in sync with other mental workings.

Time Span

Normal depression has a certain time span after which you normally live your life. Moreover, you learn to handle things better without making any fuss about it. Therefore, over time, you learn to move on rather than clinging to it for the rest of your life.

Considering clinical depression, you have no idea about for how long have you been suffering or for much more time you will suffer. There is no end to it. Rather, it can become worse over time if no proper care is being taken.

Coping Mechanisms

There are different ways to treat depression. Since normal depression is a phase that gets over on its own over time, therefore, there is no requirement for any special treatment. However, you need to make sure that the person suffering from normal depression needs to be motivated or inspired or pushed (gradually) to move on in life.

Clinical depression is on another level when it comes to the ways to cure it. Proper medical treatment is being followed under the supervision of trained professionals. Also, medication is used to ensure the proper working of the mind.

Suicide Rate

The suicide percentage of people suffering from normal depression is very less. When a person is depressed for a long time, it might imitate clinical depression. Until then, the person lives and behaves, though not fully, according to the changing situations.

People suffering from clinical depression are never understood. They are always ignored, disrespected, and always made fun of. Thus, the suicide rate is very high as compared to normal depression.


Whether normal or clinical depression, the one that is at stake is a human life that is precious and priceless. Thus, it becomes more important to heal your inner being. Therefore, you can practice Yoga for depression in case you want to heal depression naturally.

When you incorporate yoga practice in your life, you witness a sudden shift in your attitude, in the way you take things, or the way you respond. In turn, you become a lively and cheerful person.

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