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Easiest Yoga Block Exercises For Beginners

Are you facing some issues while practicing yoga? Is your workout session becoming harder rather than getting easier? In that case, you should use a yoga block in your routine. Whether you practice yoga or any other exercise, using yoga blocks is going to level up your practice without any hassle. If you don’t know how to use it, go through the following yoga block exercises that will give you a rough idea.

Moreover, if you are a complete beginner, you can surely give these yoga block exercises a try. This is going to make you stronger over time and help you surpass your current body limits. So, without wasting any time, let us know which yoga block exercises you can practice as a newbie. Read on.

Yoga Block Exercises – Beginners’ Quest

Dead Bug

Have you ever seen a dead bug? If yes, you might have noticed how it lies on its back and legs in the air, all crawled together. Similarly, while practicing the Dead Bug pose, you will be on your back with your legs and hands in the air.

The idea is to balance the yoga block between your leg and arm while the other arm and leg will be swaying by your side. So, bring a yoga block and place it in between your left folded leg and left elbow joint. Squeeze both limbs while raising the other arm and leg towards the ceiling. Therefore, it is one of the easiest yoga blog exercises that you can include in your routine.

Bird Dog

If you want to strengthen your core muscles, the Bird Dog pose is perfect for you. It is more of a balancing yoga pose that focuses on your core and back muscles. To begin with, place two yoga blocks on the ground. Place your right palm on one and your left knee & shin bone on the other yoga block.

Make sure your spine is parallel to the floor. Now, balance your body on the yoga blocks, squeeze your core muscles, and tighten your hips. Move your free arm and leg away from your body while engaging your core muscles. Hence, it is one of the most crucial yoga block exercises you must practice.

Tricep Push

Want to strengthen your triceps? Don’t want to put more pressure on your shoulder joints? If yes, the Tricep Push is just the thing for you. In such yoga block exercise, you need two yoga blocks. First, get in the pushup position. Then, finalizing your position, place two yoga blocks just below your shoulder joints.

However, keep the yoga blocks just enough wide that your neck and face go through them. From the pushup position, slowly lower your body while keeping your elbows by your side. That will put all the stress on the back of your triceps. Use the yoga blocks to stop the movement from going past a certain limit.

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Single-Leg Glute Bridge

Do you want to train your lower back? If yes, inculcate the Bridge pose in your yoga routine. However, you should always customize the exercise. Hence, put one yoga block on top of your left foot. But for that, you need to raise your left leg towards the ceiling to balance the blog on top of it.

Further, position your right leg closer to your glutes to lift your lower back off the ground. Keep your shoulders stick to the ground and arms placed by your side. These will help balance your body. Raise your body while balancing the block on top of your foot. Hence, this is one of the best yoga block exercises that work on your core and balance at the same time.

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Romanian Deadlift With One Leg

Are you struggling with a lack of flexibility in your legs and hips? In that case, you must give Romanian Deadlift a try. However, the catch is that you need to do a single-leg Romanian Deadlift while balancing yourself on a yoga block.

For this, place a yoga block on the ground and put your right leg on it. This increases the range of motion of your joints and improves your balance. With more range of motion, you can freely move deeper and work on your hamstrings much better.

Wrap Up
As you can see, all the above-given yoga block exercises are enough to strengthen your body. Not just strength, these poses will improve your flexibility over time. So, make sure you give them a try and take your practice to the next level.

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