Stress relieving yoga

Feeling Down? Try Stress Relieving Yoga!

Stress is your body’s normal reaction towards any situation that demands an immediate reaction. Your body reacts to stress on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Experiencing stress is completely normal. It becomes an issue when you face challenges without any relief or relaxation between those challenges. Inculcating stress relieving yoga helps you beat stress without any hassle.

Your body has an built-in autonomic stress response mechanism known as the fight or flight response system to face an emergency or a life-threatening situation. Unfortunately, if this response system remains activated for a longer time period, it causes a severe impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

With that said, let us understand what are the warning signs of stress.

Warning Signs of Stress

Chronic stress easily wears down your body’s natural defense mechanism which gives rise to many physical symptoms like;

1) General ache and pain

2) Headache

3) Loss of Appetite

4) Racing heart

5) Cold and sweaty palms

6) Upset stomach

7) Sexual Dysfunction

8) Sudden weight gain or loss

Including a regular practice of stress relieving yoga into your life can help you get rid of this debilitating condition.

However, that is not all how stress impacts your health. Given below are three ways about how stress actually damages your body.

How Stress Damages Your Body? – Know Here

  1. Muscles and Joints

Excess stress does a lot of damage to your body on a physical level. It can cause pain and soreness in your muscles. Stress can also cause arthritis and other painful conditions as it lowers your body’s ability to handle pain.

  1. Mental Health

If you are stressed every day of your life then there is a high chance you will experience symptoms of depression and anxiety. In the long run, you lose interest in activities you love whether it is reading, watching a movie, or socializing with friends. Moreover, stress also impacts your diet as you tend to eat less when under too much stress.

  1. Skin and Hair

Although you might use the best skin and hair products nothing would work till the time you suffer from stress. Moreover, if you have a preexisting skin condition like eczema or psoriasis then stress only makes it worse.

Fortunately, with every problem also comes the solution. Including stress relieving yoga into your exercise regimen can help you fight this issue and live a life free of unnecessary tension.

How Stress Relieving Yoga Helps You?

Whether you are an advanced practitioner or beginner, yoga helps you control stress levels by reducing the amount of stress-inducing hormone Cortisol. In the long run, it helps you combat stress and live a happy life without any hassle.

With that said, given below are three ways how yoga can help you beat stress.

  1. Deepens Your Breathing

You might have heard someone say – take a deep breath. Deep breathing slows down your sympathetic nervous system. Inculcating deep breathing is a major part of yoga practice as it lowers your body’s stress-inducing hormone Cortisol. Yoga also provides your brain with a fresh supply of oxygen to help it function at its best.

  1. Improves Sleep

Stress easily throws your sleep out the window which only causes you to experience more stress. However, stress relieving yoga helps you enjoy a good night’s sleep without any fuss. A study has shown how chronic insomniacs were able to sleep only after doing a few weeks of yoga.

  1. Develops Mindfulness

In the majority of cases, you are stressed either due to a painful past trauma or when worried about the uncertain future. On the other hand, yoga helps focus your mind on the present moment and implement the same in your everyday life.


In a nutshell, yoga gives you the opportunity to let go of all the worries of past traumas or uncertain future and live in the present moment. Practicing stress relieving yoga provides you a plethora of benefits for your mental and physical health.

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