Orgasmic yoga

Orgasmic Yoga: Everything You Should Know

Who doesn’t like orgasms? Similarly, once you start practicing yoga, chances are you won’t stop practicing it ever. Have you ever thought of combining orgasm and yoga practice? Doesn’t make sense to you? Well, not anymore. You get to enjoy both with the practice of Orgasmic yoga.

Indeed! Orgasmic Yoga is a thing of the present. Go through the following points to know what Orgasmic yoga is and does it include you having a real orgasm. For all these things, read till the very end. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started. Read on.

What is Orgasmic Yoga?

Orgasmic yoga has nothing to do with including sex in yoga practice. Rather, it is the art of exploring your sexuality. Arousal is one of the major elements of Orgasmic yoga practice.

So, you are always aroused while practicing Orgasmic yoga that helps you connect better with your inner sexuality. Some of the major elements of Orgasmic yoga include yoga, deep breathing exercises, pelvic floor muscles contraction exercises, and even belly dancing.

The core concept of Orgasmic yoga is to move sensually which stimulates your sexual energy. Hip movement and core engagement are primarily used to enhance your sexual energy.

History of Orgasmic Yoga

Orgasmic yoga has multiple names attached to its domain. Some call it OYoga, Orgasm Yoga, Yogasm, and even Orgasmic Meditation. Nothing is superficial about this practice of yoga since it originated from Shakti yoga.

In Hinduism, the word Shakti denotes feminine energy. So, it helps in alleviating the feminine energy stored inside you that comes out through feminine movements.

Furthermore, Orgasmic yoga also incorporates a few practices coming out of the Kundalini yoga practice. Hence, it is all about the right breathwork that helps in the activation of sexual energy. Moreover, it helps you connect with your chakra points.

Is Yogasms Possible With Orgasmic Yoga?

Yogasms consists of two words – Yoga + Orgasm. Just as they sound, Yogasms means you have an orgasm while practicing yoga. Is that real? Can you have an orgasm in the midst of practicing yoga?

Indeed! Yogasms are real. However, they are different from regular sexual orgasms. Practicing Orgasmic yoga leads to one of the best exercise-oriented orgasms.

These are also known as core orgasms. Thus, you have an orgasm when you practice core demanding exercises. Since pelvis muscles are a part of your core, these help in the contraction of muscles that leads to orgasm.

Hence, Yogasms are possible with the regular practice of Orgasmic yoga.

Best Orgasmic Yoga Postures

As a beginner, you might be curious to know how to start Orgasmic yoga practice. Well, you start by practicing the following postures. These yoga postures are not static and include movement that is the core of Orgasmic yoga practice.

  • High Plank Shoulder Taps

As the name suggests, in this posture, you stay in a high plank position while touching your shoulders with your hands alternately. This helps you engage your core muscles.

  • Glute Bridges

One of the best Orgasmic yoga movements is the Glute Bridge pose. This helps you slowly move your hips and core muscles that leads to Yogasms.

  • Downward Dog Knee to Elbow

Being in a Downward Dog position, move your knee towards your elbow without getting out of the pose. You should move your legs alternately while actively engaging your core muscles.

  • Cat Pose Crunches

Another effective Orgasmic yoga posture is the Cat pose. This helps you move your hips in a rhythmic movement to activate your sexual energy.

Many yoga practitioners say they have been practicing Orgasmic yoga for some time but have not experienced an orgasm yet. What should they do?

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No Yogasms? Why So?

It is natural if you have not experienced a single orgasm yet even if you have been consistently practicing Orgasmic yoga. You don’t have to panic or stress over it.

Rather, change the way you have maneuvered your body to know more about things or thoughts that please you. Hence, exploration is the key to having the best results.

Wrap Up

Orgasmic yoga might seem a new practice, however, it is not new to the spiritual world. In ancient times, couples practiced yoga together to explore each others’ bodies and know how to pleasure others better. All that was done with moving around the body and putting your mind in it. You can also do the same by making it a part of your life.

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