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The Best Yoga for Hip Pain Exercises for Beginners

With the current lifestyle requiring you to sit for long hours before a computer, body pain has become quite common. In the long run, this leads to issues with mobility and flexibility in the hip joints, also known as tightness of hip joints. You should include yoga for hip pain to keep this issue at bay.

Why Should I Practice Yoga for Hip Pain?

Tightness and tension in your hips goes away after you practice a few yoga stretches in daily life. The majority of stress happens in your ball and socket joint of the hips which gives them the range of mobility.

Unfortunately, this is the area which takes the majority of brunt as it supports your body weight, walking, balancing, and maintaining healthy body posture. Lack of flexibility and mobility in the joints can lead to pain, cramps, and long term health issues like lower back pain and spinal misalignment.

There are many yoga for hip pain movements which focus on this area and help release the pentup tension from muscles and joints. The best thing is you can do these exercises while sitting, standing, or in a reclining position.

The majority of hip opening asanas stretch your hamstrings, quads, knees, groin, and lower back. Each of these areas are interconnected in one way or another.

Let us now pay attention to what yoga for hip pain exercises you should do.

Yoga for Hip Pain Exercises

Given below are some easy-to-do yoga for hip pain exercises which you can practice with ease.

1. Butterfly Pose

The Butterfly pose provides you a good warm-up movement to start the hip-opening yoga sequence. Rest assured that this yoga exercise works on your entire hip area. It also gives your inner thighs and back muscles a good stretch. In the long run, this yoga asana improves flexibility, mobility, and minimizes pain.

2. Happy Baby Pose

One of the most effective yoga for hip pain exercises which gives your inner thigh, hips, back, and groin a good stretch. This yoga exercise increases your flexibility and mobility along with helping you relax. If you want a yoga exercise that opens your shoulders and chest, this is it.

3. Low Lunge Pose

The best stretching and warm-up yoga exercise before practicing challenging yoga asanas and workouts is Low Lunge pose. Its entire focus is on releasing pain and tightness in your hips and legs. Yoga experts recommend that you practice this yoga exercise after an intense yoga session as it opens your chest and strengthens the spine.

4. Frog Pose

Do you want to give the hips, core, and inner thighs a good stretch. Frog pose is the yoga for hip pain exercise you should do. It helps release the tightness of muscles which occurs as a result of sitting for longer hours. At the same time, this yoga exercise also works on your lower back.

It is an excellent yoga exercise for athletes as it improves mobility. Pregnant ladies can also do this yoga exercise with yoga props. It helps them ease the pressure or weight from their belly.

5. Fire Log Pose

The Fire Log pose falls under the category of intermediate to advanced yoga for hip pain exercise. It gives your hips a good stretch, not to forget it also opens up the outer hips and buttocks. You also give the thighs, calves, groins, and abdominal muscles a good stretch. Fire log pose also helps improve your overall level of flexibility.

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6. Garland Pose

The best yoga for hip pain exercise which gives your lower back and ankles a good stretch is Garland pose. It expands your hips and groin to alleviate the constriction which occurs from sitting for longer hours. This also helps expand your chest and improves blood flow to your pelvis.

7. Hero Pose

Hero pose opens and stretches your hips, quads, and knees. It also improves flexibility in these areas and the ankles. The Hero pose also strengthens the spine and corrects body posture. You should enroll in a certified yoga school to learn this yoga asana.


Do you feel uncomfortable after sitting for longer hours in one position? You should enroll in a certified yoga school to learn yoga for hip pain from the best.

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