What Are The Causes of Depression Among The Youth?

It is natural to feel sad or low in life. Various circumstances in life can negatively affect you. That could leave you angry, unmotivated, or aggressive for weeks. Young people are much more prone to this feeling. Usually, it could subside in few weeks. However, if it persists much longer, it could be depression.

Depression is a serious mental ailment that can adversely affect people of all ages. The following are a few symptoms of depression that could help you have a much deeper understanding of your mind. Keep reading,

Symptoms Of Depression

Sometimes occasional mood swings could leave you irritable and grumpy. Also, they could stay with you for weeks and can turn into depression if not taken care of. A few symptoms could be as follows:

  • Feeling irritation
  • Unmotivated
  • Feeling guilty all the time
  • Thinking about death
  • Planning to commit suicide
  • Losing interest in everyday activities or people
  • Abusing drugs, smoking, or drinking
  • Withdrawing from social gatherings
  • Change in behavior
  • Eating less or skipping meals
  • Spending time alone (shut off from the world)

Causes Of Depression

Depression is one of the common mental ailments among young people. Further, they get affected by changing circumstances or feel helpless in such times. Thus, depression could turn out harmful for their growing minds and could halt the overall development of the mind and body.

Here are few causes of depression in young people.

  • Arguing with friends or family
  • The constant shifting of houses or changing schools
  • Bullied in a social group
  • Break-ups
  • Rejections from the loved ones
  • Being ignored or not given adequate importance
  • Feeling lonely in the company of people
  • Biological chemical imbalances or hormonal changes
  • Feeling disconnected

Such causes could lead to the feeling of not worthy to live. Thus, it gives birth to self-harm or suicide.

Remedy For Depression

Though there are many clinically or medically proven ways to treat depression. Further, one way through which you can naturally heal depression could be practicing yoga. Hence, as surprising or shocking it may sound, but it has been seen that various yogic practices like deep breathing, meditation, and yoga asanas can heal depression.

Here are few benefits of various yogic practices when they are practiced regularly.

Boosts Overall Mood

Feeling low all the time can affect other aspects of your life. That is where meditation and breathing practices help you. These yogic practices help you by flushing out negative emotions and feelings out of your mind. Thus, you feel at peace, happy, grateful, and worthy of living.

Clears Thinking

When you are stuck in thinking a single thing over and over again, you never learn to see what lies beyond your present vision. Practicing yoga helps you get clear thinking by teaching you how to see past your worries or thoughts. Thus, it could help you get rid of harmful thoughts or depressive emotions.

Calms Mind

Mental calm is utterly important in times of feeling depressed or low. If you do not have control over your emotions, they could lead you towards self-destruction, harm, or even death. Thus, you can practice yoga to gain control of your emotions and feelings to live a better and harmonious life.

Provides Better Insight

Sometimes, something might look devastating or out of place for you when seen superficially. However, it clears away when you dive much deeper and have a better understanding of the situation. Practicing meditation helps you raise your awareness so that you can put a harness on your feelings.

Summing Up

Along with practicing yoga to cure depression, there are other healthy habits that you can incorporate into your life. It could be exercising daily and eating healthy food. Moreover, you can also spend time doing something that you love.

It will give birth to feelings of compassion and cheerfulness. Thus, you feel motivated to do daily tasks. Moreover, yoga practice can help you curb your mood swings. Over time, you build skills to tackle difficult situations with an open and calm mind to live a fulfilling life.

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Ques 1) What is the number one cause of depression?

Ans) There is not a single reason that can lead to depression. Rather, multiple reasons collectively put a person in depression. Further, a reason which is of great significance for you might not be of any value to someone else. Therefore, it also depends on one person to the other.  

Ques 2) What happens in the brain during the depression?

Ans) Your brain release cortisol hormone. It leads to the enlargement of the amygdala in your brain. Moreover, this causes an emotional peak that enhances your senses. Hence, you react out of bounds to every little and big thing surrounding you.  

Ques 3) Is depression a mental or emotional illness?

Ans) Depression arises under the influence of your mood. Your brain releases hormones that make you moody, sad, and depressive. Hence, you feel low without any reason. Therefore, it could emerge from an emotional upsurge.