Yoga teacher certification

What Makes Yoga Teacher Certification Worth A Try

What do you expect from practicing yoga? Do you just want a fit physique? Or have you considered an overall development? Whatever is your goal, joining a yoga teacher certification course can help you with everything you need.

Have a brief reading about what yoga teacher certification comprises of before jumping over. Read on

What Is A Yoga Teacher Certification?

It is a yoga course in which you can enroll to level up your yoga practice. You can enroll in different yoga courses depending on the level of your yoga practice.

There are 200 hour, 300 hour, and 500 hour courses of yoga. The most basic is the 200 hour yoga teacher training course and the most advanced is the 500 hour YTT.

You should look for the Yoga Alliance Certification registered in the USA. It is an international organization that looks out for international standards of yoga.

Things You Learn In Yoga Courses

Deep Knowledge

Your knowledge is limited when you practice on your own. You need to experiment with things while practicing yoga to learn new things. However, you get a great start when you join a yoga teacher certification.

Practicing under an experienced and certified yoga instructor showers you with great and deep knowledge. You learn about human physiology that is necessary to master yoga poses. There are different types of meditation and breathing exercises that you come to know about.


Joining a yoga teacher certification provides you with a certificate that makes you eligible to teach yoga across the globe. However, your certificate course should be registered with the yoga alliance, USA for worldwide access.

You become a member of the yoga alliance on the completion of your course. It is a perfect platform for you no matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner.

Become A Yoga Instructor

Many practice yoga for an athletic physique. They have nothing to do with deepening their yoga practice or becoming a yoga instructor. All they are looking for is a way to push their physical limits.

But if your goal is to become a yoga instructor then you need to join a yoga teacher certification course. It provides you very detailed knowledge about various elements of yoga.

It is not about just the theoretical knowledge but the practicality of the course that matters. You get access to both aspects when you join a course.


You can practice for years and still could be far away from your full potential. In that case, you have still far to go before mastering your trade. It is when you join a yoga course that you come face to face with reality.

Thus, you mold your training schedule accordingly to get the most out of it. Yoga teacher certification course helps you to figure out things that you lack. It helps you to train your weaker sides for an even progress.


There is no dedicated place to practice yoga. You can practice anywhere, be it your home, a park, or in a yoga studio. But you need to keep in mind that to grow further you need exposure in life.

Joining a yoga certification provides you with much-needed exposure. You come in contact with other like-minded people who motivate and inspire you. Moreover, you get to meet venerable yoga masters that could be a once in a lifetime chance.


Yoga teacher certification holds so much more than the things mentioned above. It intensifies your hunger for learning and grasping more.

Be it making yoga a career or practicing for the sake of staying fit, a yoga certification course has it all for you.

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