Yoga teacher training

What You Learn In A Yoga Teacher Training

When you join a yoga teacher training, you want to make the most out of it. Many yoga practitioners indulge in yoga practice for personal growth. They have no plans of making yoga a career. Similarly, many yoga practitioners enroll in yoga courses simply to become yoga instructors.

Therefore, it becomes utterly important for you to know what you are going to learn when you join a certified yoga course. Before jumping on to what you learn, have reading about what are the various types of courses that you can choose from.

Different Forms Of Yoga Teacher Training Courses

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

A 200-hour YTT course is a go-to option for beginner yoga practitioners. It helps you explore the yoga world from the surface. Thus, you get a brief idea about what you are stepping into. The course helps you start your yogic journey without putting much pressure on your mind and body.

300 Hour YTT

For intermediate yoga practitioners, joining a 300-hour yoga teacher training is a perfect option. You can join this yoga teacher training program to become a certified yoga instructor. However, you need to check whether the yoga course is certified with the Yoga Alliance or not.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

To reach the greatest height of your yoga journey, you can join a 500 hour YTT course. It is the most advanced yoga teacher training program that you can join to become a registered yoga teacher. Moreover, you can also join the course if you want to open a yoga studio.

To join a YTT course, you should consider the level of your yoga practice. The below-mentioned points provide you a deeper insight into what you learn in a YTT course. Read on.

What Yoga Teacher Training Course Teaches You

Go Beyond Yoga Asanas
Practicing yoga is much more than performing various yoga poses. Yoga asanas cover just the physical dimension. There are mental and spiritual dimensions as well. Therefore, practicing other yogic practices works on your mental and spiritual dimensions.

There comes a point when yoga practice starts doing its job. It helps you in transforming you inside out. You gain a new perspective to deal with the age-old beliefs. Therefore, practicing yoga provides you with tools to align your mind and body to reach your maximum potential.

Explore Your Psyche

Meditation has so many benefits in this stressful and anxious environment of Corona-virus. You learn to control your thoughts that lead to fear and anxiety. Joining YTT places you among countless meditation practices to explore your mind.

Master Your Life

Sometimes you are fighting for things in life that are not important for you. However, you have not experienced a different point of view in that context. When you join a yoga teacher training, your priorities change. You focus on things that serve you the best. Thus, you save yourself from draining out too much energy on irrelevant things.

Find True Path

There are numerous cases where people have completely changed their course of life after joining a YTT course. Practicing meditation can help you to recognize your true potential or aim in life. Yoga practice could serve as a wind that corrects your direction and saves you from going off-track.


When it comes to what you learn in a yoga teacher training course, the list goes on and on. You become an entirely new being when you practice regularly. From well-toned muscles to a higher level of thinking, YTT completely shifts your life.

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