best yoga for mental health

Which Is the Best Yoga for Mental Health?

Best Yoga For Mental Health – Exactly how do you think a person is mentally healthy? What could be a reason that can disturb the natural balance of your mind? Can you improve your mental health by practicing yoga for mental health? With all such questions, you might be craving to have an answer to which is the best yoga for mental health.

Where physical yoga asanas can help you to be physically fit, various meditation and breathing exercises can load you with abundant mental benefits. With consistent yoga practice, you experience a shift in your awareness. Have a look at the best yoga asanas you can practice regularly to enhance your mental health. Read on.

Best Yoga for Mental Health

Standing Forward Bend

standing forward pose

Ever wondered how much your heart has to push itself to pump the blood to your head? When you practice standing forward bend, your head is in a plain lower than your heart, that way fresh blood reaches your brain in much lesser time. Thus, it is one of the best yoga for mental health and heart health.

Legs Up The Wall

Legs Up The Wall

Want to alleviate your mental state without doing anything? Practice legs up the wall yoga pose to calm your mind and stimulate your nervous system. It improves your blood flow by clearing off any blockages, be it mental or physical, and help you to treat depression and insomnia. Hence, it serves as the best yoga for mental health as it works on your overall being. 

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When you position your legs up against a wall, your hamstrings muscles are stretched beyond their current limits. in turn, you witness more flexible legs and lower back. Since you are not doing anything physically, you focus on slower and deeper breathing. 

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Managing bodyweight seems like a lot for some people. While practicing tree pose, where on the one hand you balance your weight on a single leg, on the other hand, you build a sense of balance within you. Thus, it is perfect and the best yoga for mental health and balance.

Child’s Pose

Child Pose

Just like the name suggests, sit on your folded legs with your hips resting on your calves. The child’s pose removes the accumulated fatigue from your thighs and hamstrings muscles. Moreover, your ankles and feet bones decompress while being placed under your thighs. While sitting in a child’s pose, your mind should be focused on the target areas, that need relaxation. Hence, when you consciously relax your body, you direct your mind from a state of chaos to a state of calmness.

Tip: If your ankles or knees hurt, stand up to stretch them out a bit. Don’t stay in this pose for too long to avoid numbness in your legs.

Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose

Do you know that you can practice yoga for mental health while sleeping also? Corpse pose is a perfect yoga posture that needs minimum physical movement. It is the best yoga for mental health that works entirely on your mental purification. You become aware of yourself using breathing exercises and initiate body scanning to further relax and repair your mind and body.

You can also practice various deep meditation practices that affect your mental plain to the deepest core. Studies have confirmed that your unconscious controls over ninety percent of your mental activity.

That is why it becomes more than important to clear off any mental baggage that limits your physical and cognitive performance. In turn, your irregular sleep cycles are repaired, curing your insomnia, stress, and depression.

Thus, it becomes a dire need for you to practice the best yoga for mental health to improve your internal functioning, which directly affects your outward performance. With consistent yoga practice, you become a lighter being, devoid of any mental illness, and learn to embrace your life to the fullest.



Ques 1) Can yoga help mentally?

Ans) Yes! Practicing yoga can improve your mental health. There are multiple yoga practices that can help you stop the mental chatter, remove negative thoughts, balance your hormonal changes, and enhance your thinking. Thus, yoga practice can heal your mental ailments without any medication.

Ques 2) What yoga poses are good for depression?

Ans) Generally, yoga poses that improve the blood flow to your brain are perfect to heal depression. Some examples are Child’s pose. Shoulder Stand, Head Stand, Plow pose, Bridge pose, Downward Dog, and many more.

Ques 3) What are the 3 signs of poor mental health?

Ans) You can identify poor health by observing the changes in your physical or mental health. Feeling sad for no reason every now and then could be a sign of poor mental health. Moreover, extreme mood swings or low energy levels can signify poor mental health.

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