Yoga for Ashtma

Yoga for Asthma: Best Poses to Ease Breathing

Feeling out of breath? These could be early signs of Asthma. Don’t worry! You can easily get rid of this by incorporating yoga for asthma in your life. Wait! You must be thinking you are already feeling out of breath, how are you supposed to practice yoga? Relax! These poses of yoga for asthma are very easy on your body and breath.

The poses of yoga for asthma mentioned below are structured by grand yoga masters while considering asthmatic patients. Have a look at the following best poses of yoga that you can practice for easy breathing.

Top Poses of Yoga For Asthma

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose

One of the best poses of yoga for asthma to channelize easy breathing circles is the bridge pose. It could be a little difficult for beginners to hold their bodies mid-air for a longer time. However, you can begin with the minimum possible time.

How to do the bridge pose?

Simply lie on your back and raise your core with the support of your legs and shoulder muscles. For the position of your hands, it is up to you. You can either place them on your thighs, stomach, or the ground.

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

Want to expand your rib cage for better breathing? Then the cobra pose is one of the best poses of yoga for asthma for you. It enlarges the internal lining of your lungs and chest. Thus, your lungs can expand to a greater degree without any hassle. Furthermore, the cobra pose makes your overall body strong and fit.

How to do the cobra pose?

Lie on your stomach and raise your upper body with the help of your arms. Make sure your lower body does not lose contact with the ground. Further, place the top of your feet in contact with the ground for better stretching.

Butterfly Pose

butterfly pose

Do you know stretching your body helps with the lengthening of your muscles? Thus, the butterfly pose of yoga for asthma is one of the best asanas that ease out your breathing by stretching your inner thigh muscles. Stretching your groin area works on your root and solar plexus chakra that improves the flow of air through your body.

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How to do the butterfly pose?

Sit in a crossed-legged position and slowly move your legs out such that your feet touch each other. However, make sure the sole of your feet connects. Further, let your legs touch the ground to stretch your inner thighs.

Easy Pose

Easy pose

This pose of yoga for asthma is one of the easiest asanas you can do. This is a physically passive pose. However, you can practice different types of Pranayama techniques to ease your breathing. For instance, you can do alternate nostril breathing that can improve your lungs’ capacity to pump oxygen.

How to do an easy pose?

Cross your legs and sit down while keeping your spine straight. Make sure you do not put a strain on your back. Bring your focus on your body and breathing. Further, practice different breathing exercises while ensuring a proper technique and form.

Corpse Pose

corpse pose

Want to have complete relaxation? The corpse pose is a perfect pose of yoga for asthma for you. From scanning your body to filling your lungs with fresh oxygen, it is one of the most effective yoga poses. Further, you can bring your attention to your belly and focus on breathing deeper.

How to do the corpse pose?

Simply lie on your back and keep your hands and legs relaxed by your side. You can also position your hands on your stomach. Breathe deep into your lungs for better results.

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned are some of the best poses of yoga for asthma that you must try. Do not worry about any complications after practicing these poses. Rather, these poses have a soothing effect on your mind, body, and breathing. Make sure you practice them regularly for long-lasting effects.

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