Yoga for depression

Yoga For Depression: The Most Effective Treatment For Depression And Anxiety

The human body is a complex entity that makes it hard to fully understand it. Moreover, the contemporary lifestyle has become so inactive that people are living depressive and unhealthy lives. However, you can turn the table and get back on track with yoga for depression.

With over unlimited benefits, yoga for depression is the only remedy you need to get rid of stress, depression, and anxiety. A few of the many ways how yoga for depression can heal your mental and health issues are as follows. Keep reading.

Benefits of Yoga For Depression

Improves Mood

When you practice yoga for depression, there is a release of serotonin. Recent studies have confirmed that serotonin is of great help in curing depression. Moreover, it also helps in making you a happy person with its stress curbing characteristics.

Yoga has a gentle and fluid nature that comforts you likewise. Also, the yoga poses are flexible enough that people having varying difficulty levels can practice them. Your overall mood enhances when you put emphasis on your breathing.

Reduces Stress

Consistent yoga practice lowers your resting rate of heartbeat. That being said, it means that your heart works proficiently. Therefore, you are supplied with oxygenated blood that relaxes your mind and body.

With yoga for depression, your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) increases. It means that your heart knows how to learn, adapt, and adjust according to the changing level of stress and anxiety.

Makes You Mindful

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on the things going at hand rather than living in your head. When you practice yoga for anxiety, you practice mindfulness. It helps you to remain intact in the ongoing moment. You learn to observe your thoughts.

Moreover, observing your thoughts helps in saving yourself from falling victim to negative emotions and feelings. You can bring your attention to the positive aspects of things. Therefore, you learn to have a positive outlook on life.

Raising Awareness

Awareness is your consciousness or focus or attention. Practicing yoga for depression helps you to raise your awareness. The higher is your awareness the better your insight into things will be. Thus, you become more conscious of your senses.

You know when to pull back from your mental chatter. It provides you a strong intuition that helps you to observe and adapt in life.

Balances Hormones

Hormones play a vital role in deciding your overall mood. Sometimes, aggressive behavior can turn down your mood. However, when you practice meditation, you learn to control your unconscious. Also, you move towards having a calm and serene mood all the time.

Your hormones are balanced with regular yoga practice. It leads to having a perfect state of mind that helps you see through the darkest of times.

Soothe Your Senses

Ever felt a tingling sensation on your forehead while practicing meditation? That means that you are focusing on your third eye which helps you to have a strong concentration power. Yoga for depression focuses on your mental mechanisms, so that, you learn to narrow down your focus to a single entity.

When your senses are in alignment with each other, you get a silent and calm mind. Thus, you have a strong connection with your inner being.


Depression could turn out to be a destructive mental ailment that has taken millions of lives across the globe. It destroys the happy mental state of a person. That is why it is necessary to take care of it as soon as possible.

You can make yoga for depression a part of your routine, so that, you can have a strong mind to tackle negative thoughts. Over time, you get a fit and healthy mind to live a happy and wholesome life.

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Ques 1) Can pranayam cure depression?

Ans) Yes! Practicing various pranayama techniques can pull you out of depression. When you practice different breathing exercises, your whole focus shifts from thinking negative things to breathing in and out. Further, there are different pranayama techniques in which the pace and rhythm of breathing are different. Hence, it can help you with depression. 

Ques 2) Does yoga really help with anxiety?

Ans) Absolutely! Yoga practice is a perfect way to tackle your issues related to anxiety, depression, stress, or mental tension. Various yogic practices work on your mind and body. Hence, your mind is always in a perfect tune and ready to handle different situations. Therefore, you feel a lot better than feeling anxious.  

Ques 3) How do I get better mentally?

Ans) To get mentally better, you need to train your mind to see through things. Further, you must read positive things to motivate or encourage yourself to work beyond your limits. Also, include a workout routine in your life to balance your mind and body.