Yoga For Joint Pain

Yoga for Joint Pain: Best Yoga Asanas for Healthy and Flexible Joints

If you are someone who is badly suffering from pain in joints, yoga is a non-invasive way for you to maintain your joints healthy. Read this post to learn the best poses of yoga for joint pain. Let’s start!

Best Poses of Yoga for Joint Pain

There are numerous yoga poses that can bring you relief from pain in joints. Starting from beginners to advanced levels, you can practice the given poses as per your yoga level. Not only these poses will make your joints healthy and flexible but also ease your other types of pain. You can start with:

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Downward facing dog pose

Also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana, the downward-facing dog yoga pose helps you get relief from the hip and leg joint pain. To do this pose:

  • Be on your four limbs.
  • Now, straighten your legs by lifting knees upwards.
  • Next, take two backward steps while moving your hands a little forward.
  • Your body must reveal V position.

Hold the pose as per your body comfort and then release.

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Plank Pose

Plank Pose

Best for toning and engaging the abdomen as well as strengthening the arms and spine, this is another best pose of yoga for joint pain. To do the plank pose:

  • Lie flat on the yoga mat and firmly press your palms into the ground so as to lift your upper body.
  • At the same time, push the feet balls into the floor to lift your back body.
    Your body will be in the air except touching your palms and feel balls to the ground.
  • Widen your shoulder blades and lift your neck up towards the roof.
    Make sure your neck lengthened forwards.

Try to hold the position for five seconds, and increase the duration over time.

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Child Pose

child pose

If you are a yoga beginner and looking for some easy-to-do pose to relieve pain from your joints, Child pose is what you can practice. It gives you relief from shoulder and knee joint pain. To do this pose:

  • Begin with coming onto your four limbs.
  • Move your knees a width apart while bringing feet closer.
  • Place your buttocks on feet and stomach on thighs.
  • Your hands must be placed alongside your legs.
  • Touch your forehead to the floor and be in the pose for the time you can easily do it.

Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

Named as Setu Bandhasana in Sanskrit, the Bridge pose helps in treating pain in the knees, back, and neck. You can also practice this pose to get relief from problems related to the thyroid and nervous system. To do bridge pose:

  • Lie on your yoga mat with your back touching the floor.
  • Bend your knees.
  • Keep your arms beside the body and rest the palms on the ground.
  • Now lift your hips upward, but make sure your feet and palms should touch the floor.
  • Inhale and slowly move your hands above your head.
  • Be in the pose for 20-60 seconds.
  • Exhale and lie back on the floor.

Crocodile Pose

crocodile pose

This particular yoga pose brings numerous health benefits to your body. Not only it heals the pain in the knees, back, and shoulders but also is a great stress buster giving mental peace. To practice this pose:

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  • Lie flat on your belly.
  • Lengthen your legs behind and touch the feet top to each other.
  • Lift your head and shoulders up.
  • Once done, join your elbows and cross your arms under your head.
  • Bring your hands in front and place your forehead on the wrists.
  • Let your body get relaxed.
  • Stay in the pose for few minutes and get back to normal.

All these poses can help you get relief from joint pain and feel better. However, for making the most of your yoga session and getting relief from joint pain in a quick manner, we recommend you practice yoga for joint pain under the supervision of an expert yoga teacher. This way, you will be able to mention your specific requirements to your yoga teacher and get guidance accordingly.

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