Yoga instructor Salary

Yoga Instructor Salary: What Should You Expect

Do you want to know how much can you earn as a yoga teacher? Well, that’s a good start to your yoga journey. Knowing how much money does a certified yoga instructor makes could be a wise decision before giving all in. It does not just help you plan things accordingly but also saves your effort & time. Also, plenty of factors affect a yoga instructor salary in different parts of the world.

Let’s first have a glimpse of the yoga trainer salary at the three locations in the world. Then you can move over to know the factors affecting the salary of a yoga teacher. Read on.

Yoga Instructor Salary in USA

Near about 15k people submitted their yoga instructor salary in the USA on different online portals. Referring to those sources, the average service tenure was of 1 to 3 years. Therefore, you can assume the salary of a certified yoga instructor earned based on that.

Hence, the average yoga instructor salary in  USA is $31 per hour. Thus, that accounts for nearly $5,120 per month. Now you can assume whether or not you want to become a certified yoga instructor based on the average salary in the USA.

Yoga Instructor Salary in India

The estimated yoga instructor salary in India is based on 124 salaries submitted at various online job portals. Therefore, it is just an estimate and does not give any precise numbers. Rather, you can assume from this how much you can earn in India as a yoga instructor.

Moreover, the typical serving period is about 1 to 3 years. Thus, based on the data, the average yoga instructor salary in India is Rs. 18,500 per month. That is like earning nearly Rs. 115 per hour.

Yoga Instructor Salary in Canada

Nearly 104 people submitted their salary reports at the latest of 8 September 2021. However, the salary package took one year of experience as a tenure of their salaries. So, you should do your research to know how much a highly experienced person gets paid.

An average yoga trainer salary in Canada is $37 per hour. With that, you can estimate to earn nearly $6,013 per month. Thus, you can now decide whether or not you should become a certified yoga teacher depending on how much will you earn.

Although these above-mentioned numbers are just estimations, however, they still give you some idea of what can you earn. But, plenty of reasons could be at play that might affect your salary. Check out some of the reasons mentioned below. Keep reading.

Factors That Affect Yoga Instructor Salary

Yoga Certification

One of the biggest factors that might affect your yoga trainer salary is your yoga certification. Yoga experts suggest that to earn more, you should have a Yoga Alliance certification. People having the Yoga Alliance certification earn more that could lead to more average yoga instructor salaries in different regions.

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Experience increases your overall worth as a yoga teacher. Therefore, you should never get off track while teaching yoga. If possible, you should continue teaching yoga even if it is online. This is only going to increase your yoga knowledge over time.

Hence, the more experience you gain more will be chances that you’ll earn higher salary packages. Also, earning more experience helps you get familiar with new dimensions of yoga. So, it could be one of the reasons that might affect your salary.

Private Lessons

Another thing that might affect your salary is whether you are giving private yoga lessons or not. Some people do not find it comfortable to practice yoga in a class. In that case, they willingly pay you extra to teach them yoga in their comfort zone, preferably their house.

Thus, you earn more and that indirectly affects your yoga salary. Hence, if you are not giving any private lessons, you might earn what all others are earning on average.

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One of the most influential factors that are going to affect your yoga instructor salary is networking. When you connect with more and more people, you become famous in the smaller circle. Therefore, more and more people give your reference when someone wants to learn yoga. Hence, it increases your yoga trainer salary.


As you can see, many things might impact your yoga instructor salary. Therefore, no one can know the upper limit to which a person can earn as a yoga teacher. Just keep practicing yoga to reach the peak of your career.

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