Yoga Vs Cardio

Yoga Vs Cardio – Which One is Better

Yoga Vs Cardio -The ancient art of yoga has been compared to many other types of exercises. Whether that is cross-training vs yoga, or yoga vs cardio. There seems to be a never-ending debate on what makes yoga better than the plethora of ways to fitness. Whether you want to stay fit or lose those extra pounds, yoga offers you a less stressful way to good health.

The most recent debate is the one happening between those who prefer cardio to yoga and vice versa. Therefore, to settle this debate for once and all, fitness experts have come up with in-detailed comparison between the two.

Yoga vs Cardio- In Detailed Comparison

Yoga vs Cardio

1. Strength

Your body develops strength by pushing the muscles to do what they are not able to do so before. On one hand, cardio helps in building solid endurance. However, you should keep in mind that endurance has no relation to building muscles.

On the other hand, yoga helps you develop strength and endurance by developing lean muscle mass. This happens through the use of muscles most overlooked during other forms of exercise.

At the same time, cardio done over a period of time does not helps you develop strength. Whereas yoga depends on the body which becomes better with more practice. Holding these positions over a period of time helps you build muscles.

2. Fat Burn

In the debate of yoga vs cardio there are many who prefer the old-school exercises to burn excess calories. One hour of yoga session helps you burn around 350 calories whereas cardio done over an hour helps burn 600 calories. It is here that cardio beats yoga in burning fat.

Yoga helps you burn fat by developing lean muscle mass which helps you burn calories throughout the day. Fitness experts recommend you make a combination of cardio, weight lifting, and yoga.

3. Health

When it comes to taking care of high blood pressure, maintaining body mass index, and body weight; there are numerous yoga styles to help you do that. At the same time, the meditative aspect of yoga helps minimize stress.

At the same time, cardio-based activities like swimming and running also help you maintain good health.

What About Mixing Cardio & Yoga?

Yes! The mixing approach can help you a lot. Cardio helps a lot if you are a runner and need more acceleration.

There are many who go to a yoga class at least two times a week and lift weight at the same time. You can also sign up for dance classes along with yoga to help you stay active and on the go. Remember, the best approach is what works for you.

Can Yoga Help Me As a Runner?

If you are someone who loves running long distances, yoga can be of great help. The ancient art helps open up the unused muscles and makes your joints flexible enough for that sprint.

Add to that, there are different yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Bikram, and Restorative yoga which prepare your body for long distances ahead.

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Yoga Vs Cardio – The Final Verdict

The information mentioned above has made it clear how yoga and cardio both help you maintain good health. Both of them show promise when it comes to maintaining good mental and physical health.

At the same time, following either of these helps you gain confidence in your abilities and get rid of unnecessary stress.

If you are wondering which is the best form of exercise, the answer is simple. It is for you to decide.

However, when it comes to working amongst individuals with a common interest then yoga wins the prize. On the other hand, cardio offers you a good adrenaline rush but not the mental peace that yoga does.

At times, you might have to follow an exercise routine with a day job schedule. It means you might not be able to make it to the cardio session. However, at this time yoga helps you relax mentally after a tiring day at work.

What is more important than the yoga vs cardio debate is doing them with utmost dedication and focus to reap the results.


Are you confused between yoga vs cardio when it comes to enjoying good mental and physical health? You should refer to this guide which provides you an in-detailed comparison between the two and make your choice.

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